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Body Treatments in Nagpur

Details of Body Treatments

A body treatment is a blanket term for a whole gamut of different holistic, non-medical, physical procedures aimed at helping you achieve something specific for your body or wellbeing. A "body treatment" could involve all sorts of things.

You might be:

  • massaged or scrubbed with a particular aromatherapy essentail oil, cream, lotion or mineral
  • wrapped or enveloped in something - perhaps mud or seaweed or even plastic
  • immersed or soaked in a liquid, such as water or algae
  • stroked, treated with or exposed to something external - like brushes, magnets or electric current, or lights.

    The term 'body treatment' refers to facialsmassages, belief-related therapies, rubs - any non-medical procedure that you go to a spa or centre to have.

    A spa ritual or spa experience describes a package of different body treatments that you get on the same day: a relaxing massage, a personalised facial and reflexology, say, followed by use of the spa facilities and a light lunch.

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6 Surprising Benefits of Massage Therapy

It can counteract all that sitting you do

It eases muscle pain

It soothes anxiety and depression

It relieves headaches

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